August 6, 2018

No more sound neither image from Mangstor

Mangstor, one of the few pioneers of NVMe over fabrics, aka NVMef, flash array with Apeiron Data Systems, Excelero, Pavilion Data Systems, FlashGrid, E8 Storage or DSSD, acquired by EMC in 2014 and finally stopped in 2017, to name a few pure players, continues to make strange things.

After several months of bizarre message on his website related to a redesign of its web site, we have now a full disconnect between the domain name and the content as we're redirected to the Wix default fault page. The domain was registered via GoDaddy in 2012, updated in March 2018 with an expiration date now in March 2019. Bizarre. How a company playing in a very hot market could disappear like that? management issues? technology problems? lack of finance?... It's a real mystery.

Paul Prince, last CTO, left the company in May 2017 and David Ridgeway, VP Product Management, even before in January 2017, following Trevor Smith founding CEO who quit in December 2016 replaced by Craig Gilmore for a few weeks or even months, now CEO of Exten Technologies. This story is definitely over, what a crash in a hot market.

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