August 31, 2018

StorONE confirms its performance

StorONE, the emerging multi-protocol SDS player, just announced some performance benchmark results delivering 500,000 IOPS under VMware ESXi and just 2 nodes. The idea was to demonstrate the ratio of performance per drive and illustrate the best price/performance ratio and approach of StorONE S1 software.

This test was run on commodity storage servers aka as 2U24 meaning 2U rack factor and 24 SSDs with several 16Gb Fibre Channel and 40Gb iSCSI initiators. Configuration in HA mode give impressive numbers with 1.7M IOPS for random reads, 15GB/s sequential reads, 7.5GB/s sequential writes - a 50% drop - and 10GB/s for mixed workload of 80/20 reads/writes.

Gal Naor, CEO and founder of StorONE, confirms this efficiency capability illustrating the impressive result per drive: 70,000 IOPS with very low latency. Met 2 times with the IT Press Tour - once in Israel - we're impressed by the approach Gal and his team took and succeed to deliver with an unique design and technology approach.

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