Thursday, October 18, 2018

Yellowfin, a trusted BI player

Yellowfin, an Australian BI company, came from a long way to meet The IT Press Tour team. Founded in 2003, the company, a profitable ISV, with no VC money ever, splits the market in 3 areas to explain market trends and evolutions: 1985-2005 with BI, 2005-2015 with Data Discovery and we recognize here some famous data services layers such the data preparation, data discovery itself and data visualization, and finally 2015 and future with Smart Analytics fueled by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning of course lots of automation. The market is growing at a rapid pace to reach $18.8B in 2017 to $22.8B in 2022 according Gartner and propelled by of course the Hadoop/Spark ecosystem and by also new companies addressing new data challenges with new technology components base don AI & ML.

Gartner defines 3 waves from semantic layer-based platform to visual-based data discovery platforms to finally augmented analytics. and Yellowfin belongs to this last category. Bizarre the last part is not named platform despite we know the power of this term in our industry today.

In 15 years, Yellowfin secured 27k+ clients in 75 countries with 300+ global partners meaning that the technology is well known, proven and adopted with customers like Coca-Cola, BMC, Honda, Vodafone, Taco Bell, KFC and Xerox... many big ones.

The product is a BI and Analytics platform that integrates data preparation, data analysis and dashboards with security and governance and runs on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid mode. Clearly Yellowfin is a recognized player with several awards that needs to maintain its leadership in the category being shaked by new comers with new ideas and other platform philosophies. We heard that the company will introduce something big soon that make others followers, we'll cover that for sure...

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