April 2, 2019

Big announcements from Redis Labs

At RedisConf in San Francisco today, Redis Labs unveils RedisTimeSeries aligned with
IoT data volume explosion and RedisAI to process data in-place without any migration to/from external AI engines. RedisAI integrates now deep learning frameworks such TensorFlow, PyTorch and TorchScript.

And finally RedisGears, an in-database serverless engine, that delivers a very comprehensive data model database with search, graph, streams, AI, timeseries, document and probabilistic data structures.

And the company extends CRDT - Conflict-free Replicated Data Type - usage with active-active approach, key point for multi-cloud and hybrid adoption. It's important to refresh readers with CRDT roots, it was started at INRIA in France in 2011 by March Shapiro team and adopted by a few vendor like Redis Labs but also Basho for Riak, Microsoft for CosmosDB ro Facebook for ApolloDB.

Lots of use cases, product and partners presentations during this RedisConf, a superb conference I invite to consider next year.

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