April 29, 2019

New fast storage array for Quantum

Quantum, a leader in secondary and capacity storage, announced recently the F-Series a new full NVMe storage array for intensive Media and Entertainment workload.

This first iteration is the F-2000 server which is fully redundant in active/active mode supporting 24 NVMe dual-ported drives in a 2U format from 46 to 184TB and it starts at $307k i.e around $6.6k/TB.

It is designed to work closely with StorNext, one of the leaders of file-based storage in the M7E industry.

This new F-Series NVMe storage arrays received two industry awards during the recent 2019 NAB Show: Best New Storage Technology winner in the 2019 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards and also received the ProductionHUB Award of Excellence.

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