May 10, 2019

NAB Awards 2019

The recent NAB Show was a good edition as already stated in my recent report. The event has made a new awards series in different categories. In the storage one, we noticed these few ones, other are anecdotic:
  • EditShare for EFS Auditing. EFS is the ADFS* designed and built by EditShare.
  • Facilis for its new product line Hub Shared Storage. Facilis is also a developer of a proprietary ADFS.
  • Ardis for its DDP failover scale-out capability for also its ADFS again.
  • Rhode & Schwarz for the R&S Spycer Node an ADFS as well, this time based on IBM Spectrum Scale.
  • and Quantum for its new full NVMe block storage array.
It confirms that ADFS is a dominant file storage approach in Media & Entertainment.

* ADFS means Asymmetric Distributed File System.

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