August 23, 2019

A newcomer Stellus Technologies

The web site is very limited but at least it exists and we can read on it the following statement: "Stellus Technologies is a stealth company focused on solid state storage system technology for next-generation software-defined data centers."

The origin of the company came from Samsung Electronics who wished to build some next generation storage systems but not internally. The company is based in San Jose, CA with offices in Irvine, CA and Pune, India.

We understand the company leverages Ceph, Elasticsearch, RocksDB, ZeroMQ and consensus algorithms like RAFT and Paxos to build a scalable storage system with leading NVMe, RDMA/RoCE and NAND/Flash technologies. We'd like to learn more and understand differences with other Ceph-based appliance storage like SoftIron.

Spectra Logic on a blog post about M&E Storage mentions them for primary file storage with Qumulo, Pure Storage and Alcestor aka MooseFS.

Update: Since I published this article, Stellus removed the video included above (the page is now empty check but Google still refers it if you search 'stellus technologies' you'll find 2 empty pointers) and asked Spectra Logic to remove any mentioned of Stellus in the post I mentioned. StorageNewsletter mentioned the company already in May 2016.

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