August 29, 2019

Lightbits Labs extends vSAN

Lightbits Labs, a emerging leader in NVMe/TCP, continues to increase its visibility as the company was actively present at the Micron booth during the recent VMworld 2019 conference. The opportunity to pitch several times the extension of vSAN with its external shared SSD storage array SuperSSD or just with any SSD array powered by LightOS was just good. The trigger here resides in the need to grow the storage on some nodes or globally, some may have reached their limit, or wishing a shared storage for more scalability and still using vSAN. For readers who wish to learn more about Lightbits please refer to my different posts: March 2019 and April 2019.

Micron is one the Lightbits investors with Dell Technologies Capital and Cisco. It's interesting to see that Micron had an agreement in the past with Excelero, an other NVMe software player, promoting a joint solution named SolidScale based on NVMesh announced in May 2017. Micron has stopped this solution a few months later in October 2017 and Micron SolidScale disappeared ( still redirects you to a 404 error page). At the same time, a marketing voice from Excelero said that "SolidScale has not been killed" but for almost 2 years, the product is lost somewhere in a dark tunnel having difficulties to find the exit as it never reappeared. Or it's a lie, I let you choose...

Back to the session title, it's a clever idea even if the theme of the session mixing words like converged and disaggregated is always strange, not only for me. You get the idea here with the photo below.

The second presence was directly at the VMware innovation zone.

Lightbits Labs also announced its 2nd generation of LightField acceleration card with increased performance and reduce size to fit in 1U servers.

The IT Press Tour #34 in March 2020 in Israel will be the perfect opportunity to meet and visit Lightbits Labs R&D center.

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