Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Kinetica continues to lead the GPU DB market segment

Kinetica, leader in GPU database, met last year during the #28 IT Press Tour, delivered again a very good session for the 32nd edition a few days ago. We saw the progress around partnerships, market footprint and adoption and of course the product.

Initiated in 2009 by Amit Vij and Nima Negahban with an US Army project around realtime active analytics, Kinetica as a company was founded in 2016 and has more than 140 employee as of today with $63 million raised so far. The company should confirm soon a big financial news probably during the next NVidia GTC in Washington November 4, 5 and 6th.

As data is the new oil and drives business, having the full master of it and insights from it is a major advantage. Thus being active, dynamic and realtime represents a key differentiator to boost data-driven business.

The company has tuned its positioning with real use cases in various industries being "the active analytics platform for next-generation data-driven applications".

Deployed on-premise with NVidia, IBM, HPE or Dell EMC or in the cloud like Azure, AWS, GCP or Oracle, Kinetica GPU accelerated database offers flexible data sources and supports tiered storage natively in the product. NVidia is listed as a strategic partner, and the only one, and we anticipate big news between Kinetica and NVidia in the next few weeks.

The product includes algorithms and machine learning models to enhance developments cycle and expand users experiences transparently.

Kinetica is now controlled with KAgent to deploy and manage cluster instances on-premise or in the cloud. The GPU-accelerated DB represents a central data processing engine for real-time business and various industries. Having such technology is considered as a major differentiator for users against similar industries, and it boosts Kinetica annual figures with exponential growth.

This session was very interesting with great progress and accelerated market adoption, pay attention to Kinetica in the coming few months.

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