Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Komprise unveiled Elastic Data Migration

Komprise, a leader in data management and well know for its Intelligent Data Management (IDM) product, just announced a new iteration of its NAS migration solution. The company has unveiled Elastic Data Migration (EDM) as a separate product to address the need of fast NAS transfer from on-premises to the cloud. For users who already picked IDM, EDM is included and we see the acronym logic...

The product is designed with parallelism in mind working at different level and a new NFS client optimized for such activity on thee vendor side of the process. Both sources and destinations are not touched being used through NFS and/or SMB protocols. In fact, the product doesn't say anything for SMB, is it because Komprise team identified less opportunities or the SMB side is already pretty well optimized or the NFS is really weak.

It means also that security is critical with the mandatory file permissions equivalence and the IAM integration required. Also every file is checksumed with MD5 and even if MD5 has some potential collision issue, the lifetime of computed key are very short limiting the risk.

Komprise continues to enhance its data management features list and coverage confirming its growing leadership position.

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