April 9, 2018

Full Flash NAS for Qumulo

Qumulo, leader in scale-out NAS, met last december with the 25th IT Press Tour, just unveiled the P-Series, its NVMe all-Flash file storage product line aligned with the NAB Show.

This new product iteration consists of NVMe SSDs, Intel Xeon 6126 processors and of course 100Gb networking still with the QF2 software layer.

A P-Series cluster has to be deployed with a minimum of 4 nodes (max. is 1000 nodes) able to deliver 16GB/s per 4 nodes cluster i.e 4GB/s per node. We think and hope this throughput is linear but we're surprised by the limited capacity per node: model P-23T for 23TB (12 x 1.92TB NVMe SSD) or model P-92T for 92TB (24 x 3.84TB NVMe SSD) per node so less than 400TB raw and 266TB usable (2/3 EC efficiency) for the entry level cluster in the larger size. 1PB usable requires 1.5PB raw and 17 nodes P-92T.

Qumulo P-23T or 92T respectively with 23 or 92TB
Interesting approach for an established and recognized leader, Qumulo is clearly #1 in M&E with many, many references and the 10 largest Hollywood Studios as clients.

This product competes with Avere Systems, now Microsoft, Dell EMC Isilon F800, Pure Storage FlashBlade, Quantum Excellis Scale-out NAS, Rozo Systems RozoFS or WekaIO Matrix. We also remember Arkologic (see my old posts in Oct. 2012 & Jan. 2014) who tried to build and sell a full flash NAS 5 or 6 years ago and finally disappeared.

But times have changed and the market is now ready, users really need such solution now.

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