April 12, 2018

iXsystems launches TrueNAS M-Series

iXsystems, well known system builder and active open source player, just announced a new line of product named TrueNAS M Series. We met and visited the company last December during The #25 IT Press Tour and discover a strong player with deep expertise and proven track record chosen by hundreds of client companies.

iXsystems now unveiled TrueNAS M Series to address the capacity and performance need for new rapid growing applications environments.

Two 4U models M40 and M50 with NVMe and NVDIMM storage entities to boost performance in write and read mode coupling as well 14TB HDDs. The M40 uses SAS SSD and the M50 considers NVMe SSD for read cache, but these 2 models use NVDIMM for write cache. Systems arrive also with 100GbE and 32Gb Fibre Channel networking.

In term of interfaces, M Series expose NFS, SMB, AFP, iSCSI, FC and S3 protocols. It also supports remote copy to public clouds such Amazon S3, GCP, Azure and Backblaze B2 and potentially with any S3 compatible object storage solutions.

Advanced configuration is pretty impressive for the M50 with up to 3TB of RAM, 32GB of NVDIMM, 15TB of NVMe flash for reach cache and 4 x 100GbE ports.

iXsystems clearly redefines storage appliances and servers market segment with these 2 models coupling advanced technologies. The performance and capacity gains are significant if we compare with the Z Series. Pricing starts at $20k for an entry model and 1PB can be stored for less than $100k giving the GB for less than 10 cents.

The team has also introduced an object storage solution based on Minio, the fast growing open source object storage.

This product introduction represents a strategic step for the company and we expect that this M Series line will impact positively the 2018 revenue.

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