September 27, 2018

Scaleway unveils an object storage service

Scaleway, a cloud division of Online, itself a subsidiary of Iliad group, pre-announces the release and the availability of its object storage on its platform named Scaleway Object Storage.

According to a Scaleway blog post published September 4th, 2018, we understand that Scaleway already had an objet storage service they decommissioned to finally replace by this new one. We hope the product is not based on a french product considered as a toy by the industry.

We don't get any real info about the product except it seems to be a standard solution without any differentiators. It supports the de-facto standard interface S3 with a subset of the API. Scaleway operates different data centers and the object storage product is currently available in the AMS1 meaning the data center deployed in Amsterdam region. Interesting approach is the unlimited, unmetered and free of charge HTTP requests except a limit of 100 HTTP requests per second for write and read to a bucket. 10 buckets per user can be created and up to 1TB of capacity is available per bucket. The documentation doesn't mention anything about the data protection mechanism, nothing on the consistency philosophy chosen for the product therefore topology is not covered. Two other limitations I mean usages not recommended are the CDN and file system gateway. We'll get more info, at least we hope, when the product will be fully available.


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