June 17, 2019

A few good deals to secure

Cloudera last trading value was around $5 Friday, Nutanix touched $25 and Pure Storage landed on $15... to list a few bargains. Even MapR closed to a shutdown belongs to this list failing to raise a new VC round.

Cloudera would be great at IBM to increase Hadoop and services portfolio around Big Data and even HPE always looking for good deals after SimpliVity, Blue Data and Nimble Storage.

Who else? Hum I see some commercial object storage vendors who tried to survive and swim in a red ocean with too many players and reduced opportunity especially for pure players. As S3 eats everything, Minio became ubiquitous and the Tsunami I announced already a few years ago for S3 and open source object storage is confirmed. Les start a countdown for others, I don't see any future for several commercial others...

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