June 25, 2019

New dense appliances for Qumulo

Qumulo, one of the NAS market leader, announced today several new appliance models and software enhancements.

Three new models are introduced confirming a real trend towards dense nodes with NVMe drives. The Performance model P-184T receives double the capacity of the existing one with 184TB in 2U now with 24 drives of 7.68TB delivering 225GB/s with 4 x 100GbE ports, the hybrid C-168T has now 12 x 14TB HDDs coupled with 4 x 960GB SSD in 1U with 2 x 25GbE ports dedicated for mixed workloads and the active archive K-168T mimics the hybrid new storage update using 2 x 10GbE networking ports.. New software enhancements also boost performance by 40%, it is available to currents models with a simple OS upgrade.

Qumulo also updates the analytics engine for capacity consumed by storage, snapshots and metadata. Following the XPP introduction a few weeks ago, a security activity audit is added to understand information about file operations and activities.

Qumulo confirms its leadership with a very comprehensive solutions for cloud and on-premises workloads and demanding file environments in performance and capacity. The advantage to have designed an internal distributed file system creates a real gap with other NAS vendors. Next few months we should see a real acceleration and potentially an IPO.

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