September 20, 2019

DDN continues its enterprise journey

DDN, one of the storage leader and private one, adds a new component in tis enterprise storage portfolio with the Western Digital IntelliFlash acquisition. It's a real surprise even if the DDN enterprise storage journey, started with Tintri and Nexenta, could invite the market to anticipate such move.

Strong in HPC, Media and Entertainment and globally in technical markets, DDN has made 3 intelligent acquisitions that HPE, always looking for bargain, has completely missed. DDN creates now product lines differentiators and confirms that the coming months and 2020 will be interesting. We expect some cross technology usage and also a change in ExaScaler and GridScaler solutions based on established and recognized technologies, respectively Lustre and IBM Spectrum Scale aka GPFS, but not seen as DDN innovative products even if there are delivered as well integrated appliance. What about ... in the portfolio? It would be a fantastic new blood owning a key technology so who will be the next?


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