May 9, 2018

RStor introduces a new mutlicloud compute service

RStor, emerging player developing a multi-cloud compute service, just unveiled its innovative solution bridging on-premises data lakes with compute centers and cloud providers. I wrote one of the first post in May 2017.

The company, driven by Giovanni Coglitore, who came from Facebook, Rackable Systems as CTO and co-founder, and Sony, has raised $45M as Series A led by Cisco, interesting.

The idea is to offer an over-the-cloud service to distribute compute across various sites, from private data centers, cloud providers to supercomputing centers in a secure way. The company names its hyper-distributed multicloud platform the Enterprise Performance Computing aka EPC and it could be summarized as a virtualization layer across physical sites connecting and orchestrating compute and storage resources what we can call a virtual data center finally.

The approach promotes an agnostic CPU model supporting x86, GPU, ARM, IBM Power and Cray and the service relies on a very fast low latency network fabric at 3.2Tb/s. Today RStor partners with Equinix and supports Texas Advanced Computing Center, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Mexico Consortium and San Diego Supercomputer Center.

One of the key elements is the capability for RStor to run on various platforms thanks to Singularity, a HPC container technology the team helped to build and widely used in the super computing community. For sure it helps to secure users as the experience is just an technical extension finally delivering an universal model.

RStor offers the service as a subscription with extension with its app store as well. Today the service is on beta and invitation only, so be patient. Interesting solution, a very good candidate for a future IT Press Tour.

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