July 2, 2019

ObjectiveFS continues its independent journey

ObjectiveFS, recent participant to the #31 IT Press Tour, was worth a visit. Discovered in 2014 for again an IT Press Tour, that time the edition #14, ObjectiveFS is really a pioneer and a reference in cloud file services.

I wrote a post (in French) at that time that summarized the philosophy of the product. It demonstrated strong features, real performance and attractive cost model.

The recent product iteration supports S3 signature v4, key performance improvements, 128kB block size instead of 4kB and of course its capacity to export a file system via NFS or SMB.

The company works with serious object storage both commercial or open source like Ceph or Minio.

ObjectiveFS is pretty unique on the market, we find also JuiceFS and some others who pick a commercial path to the market. We even saw an interesting solution got acquired recently following company difficulties as management made huge mistakes for the third time. This segment starts to be hot with 4 - 5 players that need to be followed...

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